Safeguarding Children – Level 2

Text 60 mins CPD 80% required to pass

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This module will take approximately 60 minutes to complete and is designed for all relevant care staff to assist with their understanding of the principles of child safeguarding and how these principles apply to their work. It explains the definition of child mistreatment and its subclassifications, such as 'child safeguarding', 'child protection', 'Child Protection Plan', and more. The course describes the prevalence of child mistreatment, the risk factors associated with it, and its long-term consequences of its victims.

It also details how to identify signs of possible child maltreatment, and how to properly record and assess these instances. Further details are also given to the recognition of specific types of child mistreatment, such as 'neglect', 'emotional abuse', 'physical abuse', and 'sexual abuse'.

The course also contains a case study and an assessment to test learners' understanding, with a requirement of 80% to pass.

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